(Italiano) Logo De Villa btp

DE VILLA BTP Company pursues its industrial activity in the general constructio sector. Its specialization and experience is well-known for both Public and private works.

The production area is organized in order to manage all aspects of each commission: consultation, planning, estimates, organisation of the construction sites, work progress check, Customer Relations.
High quality and efficiency are not easily achieved but thanks to the years of experience gained by itz specialists, this company keepz up with the times,  always aware of the never-ending innovation of technologies and building methods.
DE VILLA BTP works successfully in several fields,  such as:
– Foundations and earthworks,
– Private and Public building renovation,
– Road works and soil covering,
– Soil consolidation works,
– River hydraulic development and restoration,
– Aqueducts and sewers.
Finally, drawing strength from the experience of all its co-workers,  the company provides know-how,  instruments, means and resources in order to satisfy its client’s needs,  all the while coordinating each process development phase essential to the realization of the project.
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